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Surviving pregnancy - Things that got me through the last 9 months!

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Surviving pregnancy - Things that got me through the last 9 months!
When you're pregnant, everyone wants to tell you about their experiences and give you advice. All of this information is valuable and helpful but only when you are ready to hear about it. Information overload can be really overwhelming especially in the early stages of pregnancy. 
Now 5 days overdue with my first son, i reminisced on some of the things that helped get me through my pregnancy that i thought i wanted to share with all of the expecting ladies out there. Remember, no one person has the same experience so take what you resinate with and ignore what you don't.
1. Pregnancy is a long 9/10 months so i found only engaging in conversations at the stage of pregnancy that is relevant to you helps control the information you are being told and avoids being overloaded with information. Avoid conversations about horror births at all costs.
2. At the beginning when you start to grow out of your clothes, only buy clothes for the short term until you know what shape you will be when you pop. In the early stages your body changes in more ways than you realise and you'll end up with a heap of very unflattering clothes... trust me your bum, boobs and hips do their own thing 😭
3. Keep active, it will keep you sane! Do what feels right for you. For me i loved working out and training hard pre-pregnancy but wanted to feel confident i was doing the right things for my changing body and baby. Find yourself a good pregnancy friendly gym that you feel comfortable with! For those on Sydney's northern beaches, I found BUMP Health & Fitness and was able to exercise right up until the end. Your sanity will thank you! 
4. This is an absolute must..... get a maternity shoot done with you and your partner around the 30 - 34 week mark. Most of pregnancy i felt like a bloated whale and was too side tracked by tiredness and growing a new underwear size weekly to remember what a special miracle i was going through.
We were totally out of our comfort zone with this shoot but now have these photo's for life to remember how special pregnancy is (photo credit: )
5. Communicate with your partner along the way. You'll go through a million feelings and emotions every week which is normal and he isn't a mind reader. Tell him what's going on and what you need even if it's " FYI i'm feeling agitated today, please try not to annoy me".
6. Borrow borrow borrow!!!! This goes for maternity clothes, baby clothes, nursery accessories you name it. You have no idea what personality your little one will have and what he/she likes so until you both figure out what you need and what you like BORROW!

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