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Simple BBQ ideas catering for pregnancy

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Simple BBQ ideas catering for pregnancy


With Summer and the festive season in full swing, if you are anything like me, you are hosting or attending loads of BBQ's. 

Recently I invited the girls over for a BBQ to celebrate the New Year. I have not 1, not 2 but 3 of my best friends who are now expecting their first baby and I wanted to make sure we celebrated the New Year in style, replacing champagne & cocktails with delicious food instead.

Having not been pregnant myself, I started delving into the world of "safe foods to eat while pregnant". I had no idea the list was going to be as extensive and cover off so many favourite BBQ foods. Alas, after exploring all the foods you can and can't eat, I came up with some simple and delicious dishes which where a hit on the day and meant I wasn't in the kitchen prepping for the whole event.

I thought I would share these BBQ ideas with all of you out there like me, remembering that the trick is to keep it simple, make sure the meats are cooked through and any dairy is pasteurised. Double check any foods you aren't sure about before adding them in or leave them on the side. Choose foods that you can graze on throughout the afternoon instead of going for one big meal. 

To Start

Antipasto plate - carrot, capsicum & celery sticks, mini bocconcini balls (as long as made from Pasteurised milk), green olives, cherry tomato's. We also served flatbread to scoop up dips or make your own pita.

Dips & Crackers - We used hommus, pesto and beetroot dips

Cheese plate - Selection of hard cheeses 

On the BBQ

Marinated Terriyaki chicken - fresh chicken breast marinated in teriyaki, garlic, dijon Mustard and fresh chilli (make sure the chilli isn't too hot, you don't want to bring on an early labour). Make sure the chicken is cooked well.

Baked sweet potato chips - peeled sweet potato cut into chips, season with olive oil, herbs and a rock salt and bake for 45minutes.

Fresh salad - greens, capsicum, grilled pepitas (or other seeds), cherry tomato's, spanish onion, cucumber, sliced avocado and some balsamic glaze to dress.

* Serve with fresh flat bread and some left over Hommus

Dessert - the star of the show

Fresh fruit pavlova - I kept it simple by buying a pavlova base and topping it with whipped thickened cream, seasonal fresh berries, mango's and passion fruit. 


Fresh iced Tea

Sparkling mineral water with fresh fruit spritzers. These not only look colourful and pretty but they also taste refreshing and are a nice change from plain old sparkling water!  Simply add in a some mint, berries and and a squeeze of lime to sparkling water with a few cubes of ice.

Tropical juice with some sparking water

And of course........ Non-alcoholic champagne (and a Corona for me) to toast another amazing year together in 2017. 


Yep the one with the beer, thats me!

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