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One of my biggest regrets as a new mum :-(

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One of my biggest regrets as a new mum :-(

I never did a newborn shoot when Jack was first born and to be honest I really regret it.

It wasn’t something I had time to actively seek  out once he was born. I was just in new mum survival mode involve with my little baby not even knowing what day it was.

BUT they grow so fast even in the first 4 weeks he looked so different and had grown so much.

I have advised my hubby that if we have another baby we are doing a newborn shoot. They are only little once.

I am happy to say I recently did a shoot with Jack and I am now addicted!!

Our shoot was around 4 weeks ago at a really nice local photographer Bree Hulme at her home. ( her details are below).

The first thing that struck me when we entered her home studio ( literally her lounge room converts to a studio. Is just how relaxed it feels.

 Theres not masses of tripods, lights and electrical equipment around just some beautiful floor to ceiling windows with sheer curtains lit beautifully by a north facing aspect.

There was a white background and some really lovely custom white washed flooring.

I am a fan of photography and admire Testino, Sante Dorazio and some of the original black and white fashion photographers who have photographed all the supermodels. In fact I have all their books that I saved up for when I was a teenager because I loved them!

BUT photographing babies is a whole different ball game….. babies will rarely pose on cue, they can easily feel overwhelmed and need to be handled with softness and love.

This warm bright home environment in my opinion is a fantastic place for photographing your new family member.

Further to this Brees' patience and demeaned really put jack at ease so she could capture him being him.

Lets face it we can all pull out an iPhone and capture a cheesy smile but a beautifully lit, candid moment, natural expression captured is just so precious.

I would recommend anybody in the Sydney area to have a photo shoot with Bree. In fact I think its so important to have this shoot done when bubs is born we got to talking and as a special gift we are popping a voucher into our Sydney baby shower gift packs during the rest of June and July.

No excuses now book in and don't have regrets like I did!

Here is a link to Brees website. Check out her candid style.

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