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Keeping baby cool as the temps heat up & the ultimate summer wrap for bubba this summer!

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Keeping baby cool as the temps heat up & the ultimate summer wrap for bubba this summer!

I'm so excited! Today is the first 30 degree day of spring. What does this mean? Its warming up, day light savings has started and summer is just around the corner hooray!!

I often have friends tell me about packing for an outing with bubba and during spring you have to pack almost double just to deal with four seasons in one day. One minute its cool and the next minute its humid or if the sun is out its hot.

It is so important to watch your babies temperature control and often when they are just wee little bubbas they can't outright tell you so you need to feel for yourself.

Here's how.

Now remember that most of us cool though sweating but little babies have a limited ability to sweat so you are best to feel their forehead and back, do they feel a little warmer than usual? 

Is bubs a little flushed in the face or are they breathing a little more rapidly?

 Oh and the other sign? A cranky bubba? Yep like us babies can become a little irritable when hot.

If so we recommend to remove their socks they may be wearing and of course remove a layer.

Head over to a place in the shade if you aren't already.

Stay away from nylons and polyester and instead invest in a natural fibre like cotton and bamboo that is breathable.

Here at Anchor and Arrow we have a mild obsession with our organic cotton wraps!

Besides looking gorgeous in black and white Scandinavian and fun designs at over a metre wide they are multi use too.

 You can use our wraps as a secure and breathable swaddle, a cover when breast feeding, a summer blanket for baby beds, a pram cover for when bugs is sleeping or of course like us a funky scarf to dress up jeans and a singlet!

These wraps are strong yet light weight. They do arrive with a firm texture but do soften with each wash.

These are the perfect gift for a new mum who is also a little style conscious.

I took a couple of creative snaps of these wraps, take a look below.




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