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Essentials list for new mums in winter.

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Essentials list for new mums in winter.


Forget what you’ve read...  you don’t need THAT MUCH stuff when you bring your baby home. I remember when I was pregnant I was doing SO much research on what to buy ... I just wanted to be prepared but in all honesty didn't really know what I was doing.

Dont be like me and over buy things only to have them sit in a drawer collecting dust because you didn't use it.

Generally if you had a baby shower you have been given its of adorable outfits and luxury baby items and hey ... I know its fun to but the cutest little 0000 playsuits with adorable patterns.. go ahead if you are excited and buy that cute outfit if you want to.. you are growing a baby!!

Here is my tried and tested list of absolutely essential bits you will need for survival with your new born.

Clothing/ outfits...You will do laundry daily... I have only recently become a rebel and started doing it every second day. 

So you really only need around 6 of everything and with a new baby you will probably change his: her outfit 3 times per day so you need enough to cover you when doing laundry.

6 singlets. Of course these are great all year round. In winter these are another layer under their playsuit to keep them snug.

6 long sleeved and long leg play suits in winter I looked out for ones that covered feet to keep them warm and covered hands to stop them scratching their faces which they do a lot. You would be surprised just how sharp a tiny little babies nails can be.

A box or two of towel burp cloths.

These plain white mini towels saved me, you will probably go through atleast 7 of these a day, sometimes more. They are a great over the shoulder clothing protector. Spew rag. A change table mattress protector, lounge protector and general handy towel to have around. You can get these from Kmart or target in a big box for $20

Cotton swaddles.

These have so many uses it’s not funny. I still use mine everyday even though my baby is no longer tiny! These are beautiful soft wraps, pram covers, breast feeding covers and in summer, light pram sheet... my little one loves pulling it over his face a little when he’s going to sleep in the pram. I often wrap bubs in one of these after a swim at the beach, use it a s a picnic blanket and have been known to even wear one as a sarong.

You need a minimum of 3 atleast of these... I have around 5 and they all get rotated. I have one in the cot, one on the pram, one in the car and two spares at home.

Here are our gorgeous swaddles ( they are a bit cute!)

Sleep sacks/ bags. Its entirely up to you if you want to do arms in or arms up but sometimes you may not want to wrap bugs because they are fussing or wriggly and a quick zip up really saves the day. 

A pram blanket. Try to go for a pure wool or thick cotton blanket as babies can overheat with acrylic blends due to them not being very breathable.

A cute cardigan and beanie... perfect to pop on when bubs comes out of the pram and let’s face it... they look so cute!! 

Now... we’ve done the cute shopping for tiny things I insist on the following... these are so important to have on hand after you come home from the hospital.

  1. Hydrogel breast discs ( you will thank me later)
  2. Infacol drops for wind, reflux or colic. If your baby has any of these symptoms I find this stuff helped and you will be thankful to have it on hand at 3 am when your baby is screaming with wind
  3. A tub of sudocream. I had all manner of fancy organic mapping rash creams but found that Sudocream worked the best. It’s available at most supermarket.
  4. A deep nourishing natural moisturiser. In winter we get the driest skin anyway but add in growing a baby and then feeding a baby your skin becomes so dry. I was given a really nice body butter and I enjoyed the ritual of putting it on after a shower. It felt like a little bit of me time and trust me... your skin will thank you. 

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